This is the first in an ongoing series of Pandemic Predictions – posts exploring what might change over the course of this pandemic, not in terms of the virus, but in terms of our personal, professional, and cultural responses.

I know many people are already talking about how long this sudden shift toward working from home might last. I’d extend it beyond regular office jobs, though; I don’t anticipate travelling as much for my own work as a consultant, either. There’s been a resistance in the coaching and consulting world to remote work, but now that it’s being forced on us and we’re understanding how effective that remote work can be, I anticipate a shift toward much more of it in my industry and many others. I don’t expect to be asked to travel on a plane to deliver a talk anytime soon, or to moderate a talk between people who’ve traveled from all over. It will be more cost effective and easier to gather thinkers from around the country (or the planet) to talk to each other.

I do think that programs that last a few days will still be delivered in person; in fact, I think after all this time apart, we’ll be more likely to run this kind of in-person workshop, to connect with each other. Any kind of program that is about your human development will likely continue to require in-person, human connection even if some aspects are delivered on line.

Overall, though, I believe a lot of work travel, formerly considered so essential, will feel frivolous and exorbitant—it’s a big cost financially, personally (being on the road takes its toll), and environmentally, and there’s just no need for much of it, as this pandemic is showing us.

Which aspects of your specific work do you see changing? Are you ready for the changes?

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Predictions Part One: Work”

  1. allen annett

    Hi Dominique,

    Just an FYI with regards to virtual coaching. CCL Asia’s Associate Coaches ( i’m one) have been doing virtual coaching with CCL clients for at least 5 years due to the long distances between countries. Client managers travel to Singapore or Hong Kong for their 4.5 day Leadership Development Program where their initial feedback and coaching begins and from that time onwards it continues virtually.
    I believe that virtual coaching and other consulting will only grow at a much faster rate due to the current situation we are all experiencing.
    Keep safe, well and smiling,

    1. Dominique Dennery

      You are right Allen. In Ottawa, we are lagging behind. Most government executives still prefer in person coaching and in-person leadership development. And yes, now that the shift has started here too, virtual coaching and other consulting can only grow. One impact for consultants who were well known in their area is that now we are facing world-wide competition. We are going from big fish in small ponds to small fish in the ocean. It will be critical to continue to add value to our niches while becoming even more market savvy. Certainly not for the faint of heart!
      Thanks for weighing in!

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