M.B. Union Executive

Dominique Dennery is an outstanding coach. She builds relationships and trust, listening not only to what you are saying, but also to how you are saying and in what context. This deep listening and mastery of body language cues enables her to choose the right moment to ask strong questions that facilitate self-discovery and transformation. The coaching process she uses is powerful. The person being coached is constantly challenged to become her best self in a gentle and persistent way. With Dominique, there is no hiding. She hones in on your passion and purpose, and helps you recognize the beliefs and attitudes that may be holding you back. and are no longer useful. She is non-judgmental, but firm. She helps you articulate an aspirational vision to reach your full potential, but doesn't stop there. As an experienced management consultant, she is able to support you in the development of sustainable strategies and action plans to reach your goals."

Lise C. Retired Senior Executive

"Dominique has extensive experience with organizations in terms of strategic planning, change management and improving team dynamics. Because of her experience, she was not only able to coach me, she was also, over the years, able to facilitate a number of strategic planning/team-building retreats of my management team; all-staff retreats focused on branch values, survey results and client service as well as working with my directors in implementing significant change management activities. With time, we were very successful in building a cohesive functional management team, and an efficient branch with significantly improved Employee Survey results, and much improved client satisfaction, while downsizing and reengineering how we worked."

K.M. Public Sector

Dominique helped me realize that I was the leader I was looking for. I was involved in designing and piloting a key file in my organization and was looking for leaders to champion this culture change. The tipping point came when I found myself in direct contact with senior decision-makers for a period of a few weeks. Dominique's words kept resonating: Who is best placed to lead this effort? What if your words had the ability to touch and ring true. I spoke to these leaders and others of the positive impact of human centered work environments and of their role in modeling behaviors'. I got curious about resistance and gained the trust of partners and stakeholders. I continued to spread the word and invite managers and employees to the conversation. By stepping up, I started a wave that is now positively affecting thousands. I am very grateful to Dominique. She trusted me before I did!"

Deputy Head Federal Department

Thank you, Dominique, for your excellent facilitation — the success of the roundtables was very much a result of your skill at making people feel at ease, getting all to speak out, and feeling valued. And all of it on time!


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