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Work with Dominique

I am fluently bilingual, and work comfortably in French and English with clients from all over the world.

I offer 2 main ways of working with clients:

Dominique’s coaching should come with a warning on the bottle: Side effects include transformation of your personal and professional lives.


Private Coaching

woman-scarf-wwmThe clients I work with are asking big questions. Questions like…

  • how can I find my path, my mission?
  • how can I as a leader effect growth and change at work?
  • how much am I capable of? Am I actually capable of achieving everything I’m imagining?

Many of my clients feel restless, sometimes even suffocated. They want to grow and flourish, to take risks and discover what brings them true joy. They want to stop worrying about whether they’re good enough and start pursuing their goals..

What I’ve found is that my clients are much closer to success and transformation than they realize. In the care of a trusted counselor, someone who challenges, bolsters, and listens to them, someone who won’t let them sabotage this journey, or stop short of their own magnificence—they blossom.

It’s not a long process. Most of my clients only need a half-dozen sessions of our dynamic, exhilarating conversation before they are racing off in the direction that’s been calling them, creating a life they’ve been longing for.

Private Coaching Package

This package is for people committed to making genuine progress in their lives—who want to live fully and authentically. They need inspiration and practical advice to ignite their potential.

Included in the private coaching package are…

  • six, one hour-long private sessions (in person, via Skype, or by phone)
  • email communication with me for the full duration of our coaching engagement
  • early access to all my new products for a year—e-books, articles, webinars, and more!
  • membership in my community of like-minded seekers

The private coaching package is $3,000 CDN

Single Coaching Session

Single sessions are best for people working through a specific decision or transition—should I take this job? What are the benefits of going back to school? How do I let my team know I’m leaving? Included in a single coaching session are:

  • one hour-long private session (in person, via Skype, or by phone)
  • a week of email communication with me following our meeting

A single coaching session is $600 CDN

Group Coaching and Facilitation

group-wwmWorking with a team is exciting and rewarding. The groups I work with…

  • want to create a truly collaborative workplace
  • need more open and thoughtful communication
  • want to generate better ideas and more fulfilled team members

Many groups I work with are going through challenging times—downsizing, restructuring, and inefficient, ineffective processes. Often the group has a shared goal, but a dysfunctional dynamic is keeping them from achieving it. At other times, they have no sense of purpose and I help them discover that potential.

My role as a facilitator or group coach is to open the dynamics and dialogue in a group. It never stops energizing me to see what emerges from an unhappy or stressed team once they are speaking in a trusting, open conversation space.

Even the most bitter, long-standing tensions are dissolved by genuine and respectful communication. With humour, respectful curiosity, and a commitment to honouring diverse voices and ideas, I help to bring groups into harmony with each other and with their mission.

I’ve worked with teams all over the world, and no matter where we are—from Beijing to Ottawa—and no matter what problems the group is facing, we’ve created immensely positive changes.

Any group can benefit from this process, especially those seeking to create authentic relationships, effective communication, and a more humane workplace.

Curious to know more about how group facilitation and coaching work? See this post for more details and case studies.

Because each group has its own requirements, please contact me for rates to help move your team through transition or trouble.

Contact Me For Rates