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Dominique’s Professional Accreditations:

  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC)
  • Certified Professional Facilitator (IAF)
  • Change Management Certification (PROSCI)
  • ACSTH Coach, Erickson College – International Coaching Federation
  • Accredited Assessor Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Masters of Arts Degree (French Literature), University of Ottawa

Services Offered

Group Coaching and Facilitation

Working with a team is exciting and rewarding. The groups I work with:

  • Need more open and thoughtful communication
  • Understand that wellness in the workplace is vital
  • Desire to turn towards the work of antiracism and take the steps that will transform workplaces further

Many groups I work with are going through challenging times and struggling with ineffective resolutions. Often groups have a shared goal, but a dysfunctional dynamic is keeping them from achieving it. At other times, they have no sense of purpose and I help them discover that potential.

My role is to help organizations and individuals flourish despite adversity. I am energized by creating within a once unhappy and stress-filled team a trusting and open conversation space.

Even the most bitter, long-standing tensions are dissolved by genuine and respectful communication. With honest and genuine conversations that focus on honoring diverse voices, I help to bring groups into harmony with each other and with their mission.

I have worked with teams all over the world, and no matter the location or what problems the group is facing, we’ve created immensely positive changes.

Any group can benefit from this process, especially those seeking to create authentic relationships, effective communications, and a more humane workplace.

Because each group has its own requirements, please contact me for rates to help move your team through transition or trouble.

Private Coaching Package:

I work with clients who want to:

  • Create strong, resilient networks
  • Start changing their work ecosystem to somewhere everyone can thrive
  • Learn concrete steps on small and broad scales 

Many of my clients feel restless. They want to grow and flourish in the workplace.

What I’ve found is that my clients can achieve the success and transformation they desire. In the care of a coach who challenges, bolsters, and listens to them, they can make steps to thrive. My clients understand that wellness in the workplace is vital and are seeking real solutions.

It’s not a long process. Most of my clients only need a half-dozen of our dynamic sessions before they have found ways to step into their individual power as leaders and become an example for their colleagues and employees.

Included in the private coaching package are:

  •   Six, one hour long private sessions (in-person, via Skype or by phone.)
  •   Email communication with me for the full duration of our coaching engagement.

The private coaching package is $3,600 CDN

Sign up for a discovery session to see how I can help you navigate change.

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