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Dominique’s Professional Accreditations:

  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC)
  • Certified Professional Facilitator (IAF)
  • Change Management Certification (PROSCI)
  • ACSTH Coach, Erickson College – International Coaching Federation
  • Accredited Assessor Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Masters of Arts Degree (French Literature), University of Ottawa

Services Offered


Organizations in all sectors of the economy need to consult or engage stakeholders from diverse groups and communities to realize the vision set out in their Strategic Plans. A well-designed professionally facilitated session can go a long way in helping the leaders understand stakeholder needs, identify gaps in services or programs, engage communities in the solutions and keep their organizations responsive and relevant.

I have worked with hundred of leaders at all three levels of government, in social enterprises and the non-profit world, in Canada and internationally to build, improve or maintain relationships with their stakeholders through facilitated dialogues.

I help leaders design the stakeholder conversations (virtual, hybrid or in-person) and also advise on any pre- and post-engagement activities to maximize participation. Participants often include leaders from government, a wide range of community organizations and various sectors such as the education sector, the health sector, industry, labour unions and more. As the facilitator of stakeholder dialogues, I create a safe space and level the playing field to enable everyone to contribute to shaping the future.

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Group Coaching:

Leading a team can be exciting and rewarding. The leaders I work with are eager to:

  • equip their teams with tools to foster open and respectful communications and prevent and address workplace conflict,
  • are looking for best approaches to support workplace wellness and resilience,
  • want to create an equitable workplace, free of harassment, micro-aggression and discrimination where all team members can thrive and reach their potential.

I help leaders and their groups generate rules of engagement and establish their team charter/social contract based on shared values. This charter guides them in addressing common issues such as lack of clear direction, conflicting priorities or overlapping roles.

I pride myself in bringing a deep knowledge of human development to any group work. I share this knowledge generously and use state-of-the art approaches that support team health and learning, and create lasting positive changes.

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Private Coaching:

Many of my clients want to:

  • Grow and flourish in their workplaces
  • Establish clearer boundaries
  • Build their resilience
  • Create strong networks
  • Take concrete steps to reach their career goals

In the care of a coach who listens to, bolsters, and challenges them, they can take steps to thrive. Included in the private coaching package are six, one-hour long private sessions and support for the duration of the coaching engagement. Also included are tools for self-reflection and self-development.

By the end of the coaching program, the majority of my clients have stepped into their individual power as leaders and are influencing their colleagues and employees to do the same.

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