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Weekly Coaching Tips

Thank you for signing up for my weekly coaching tips. I look forward to continuing the conversation on how to address interpersonal challenges at work, and create more positive work environments.

#1 – How to genuinely say ‘Thank You’.

#2 – Are you asking too many questions? My coaching tip this week is about finding the right balance when coaching your client or employee. Questions are there to help the individual being coached take ownership of his or her actions. A barrage of questions may lead to disempowerment. Do you have an example to share with ‘Asking Too Many Questions’? How did you address it? Let me know!

#3 – In a world where everyone has an opinion, it’s hard to pay attention to the best unbiased advice you can get, your intuition. My coaching tip this week is about giving your intuition a voice and learning to listen to it confidently. Have you had a time where you regretted not trusting that inner voice? If you would like to receive my weekly coaching tips, sign up here.

#4- Are you closing off vital communications between you and your employee? Maybe you aren’t asking open-ended questions. My tip this week is about how to ask the right type of question to get a genuine conversation started.

#5 – It’s amazing how changing one word in a question encourages growth and trust. The words you choose when starting a conversation is the difference between a closed or open conversation. Read this week’s tip to find out which word makes all the difference.

#6 – “Hearing only yourself talk? Getting no input in a discussion? This week’s tip is for the talkers who want to have their listeners more engaged in the conversation… and the solution.”

#7 – Careless, hurtful words can poison a work environment. How do you engage in genuine conversations to prevent the storm from brewing?

#8 – Making tough decisions is the responsibility of a leader. Choosing the best type of decision to make in each circumstance can be puzzling. How do you find clarity as a decision-maker and lead your team in the most effective way?

#9 – My tips this September are dedicated to the Art of Feedback, one of the keys to a productive and satisfying workplace.

#10 – In this week’s tip I share two ways to remove the fear factor and prepare yourself to start a feedback conversation with confidence.

#11 – Take a deep breath, remember your courage and let the feedback conversations begin. This week I will share the process that helps me when it’s time to give feedback.

#12 – Managing people is a balancing act. How you give feedback can help tip the scale towards performance.

#13 – To wrap up our series on feedback, I focus this tip on using challenging feedback as a springboard for creating positive change.

#14 – Facing hurdles because “that special someone” is not on the same page as the rest of the team? Here are 3 ways to address the problem and find the right approach to get things done.

#15 – Self-talk can paralyze. This week’s tip will help you stop the negative chatter and move towards your goal.

#16 – Someone’s crossed a line with you. How do you feel? What do you do? It’s important to understand what sets off your internal alarm system so you can enforce important boundaries.

#17 – Denial. A reflex we all have. How do we overcome it so we can see what is right in front of our eyes?

#18 – Resistance is the invisible wall we erect to protect ourselves in times of change. Lowering our defenses to explore what is possible is something each of us will do, at our own pace.

#19 – “Do you hear the “clink, clink” of the roller coaster of change as it moves forward? Perhaps you’re feeling a little fear, hesitation, along with a tinge of excitement? At this point you’ve already felt Denial and Resistance, and all you can do is move forward. Explore what’s in front of you, and enjoy the ride. ”

#20 – Have you reached the end of the Change Curve and feel committed? Read this week’s tip to see if you’ve finally let the past go and are ready for your new adventure.

#21 – Over the past month you’ve journeyed with me through the peaks and valleys of change. This week I remind you, and even myself, that change never stops. It’s our awareness of each phase that allows us to be more resilient each time.

#22 – Sometimes “Good Enough” is actually “Perfect”. With this week’s tip, give yourself the chance to connect to your work and co-workers through the imperfection of human eyes. Who knows what new idea you’ll discover along the way.

#23 – ‘Tis the season for giving, but how much is too much? This week I share with you how to Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward to give more to yourself.

#24 – My last tip of the year is about practising gratitude. Starting here with a big thank you to Tip readers and commenters. You are the reason I keep writing! Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

#25 – Happy New Year! To start off 2015, my first tip is about setting an intention to achieve your goals for the upcoming year.

#26 – Finding the courage within yourself to be strong and speak up can be difficult. Read this week’s tip to see how to flex that conversation muscle and create peace and harmony in your life.

#27 – Free yourself from fear and visualize moving forward. In this week’s tip, I’ll share a simple tool you can use to move toward your envisioned future.

#28 – This week we continue with Future Backtracking. After envisioning your desired future, and unlocking the creative clues laid out by your imagination, what concrete steps can you take to turn your vision into your reality? Read this week’s tip on what to do with your Clues From The Future.

#29 – Do you have a very long list of things to do, but for some reason, you can’t seem to check them off? Many of us would call that procrastination. But is it? Read this week’s tip on procrastination: what you may really be telling yourself, and what you useful insights you can gain from it.

#30 – Don’t just wait for the big win. Celebrating your smaller wins is just as important. Every week, take a moment to gladly honor all that you’re accomplishing! Did you have wins this week? I have no doubt you did. Let me know what you’re celebrating!

#31 – Do you have an idea, an unrealized dream that keeps getting filed in that drawer in the back of your mind? Breathe life into it by taking that key first step.

#32 – It’s good to pay attention to the error messages: Those frequent repeated mistakes in your work. These may actually be an important and valuable sign to help you determine your next steps

#33 – Successful business dialogues can be conducted as effectively as exchanges found in sport, keeping in play until a solution is achieved. Rather than walking out of a dialogue, learn how you can play to resolve.

#34 – When in the midst of an argument, how important to you is it to be right? The next move you make can mean the crucial difference between closing all doors, or opening new ones.

#35 – Delivering performance reviews and providing feedback can be a stressful process for managers. With the right tools and preparation, the outcome can be positive.

#36 – Regular conversations are the cornerstone of effective leadership. Read on to discover the 4 S of successful feedback conversations that lead to optimum performance.

#37 – We’re all familiar with the saying “respect must be earned”, but perhaps respect “must be demonstrated” in your day to day action.

#38 – The effects of one disrespectful individual in the workplace can be far-reaching. Breaking your silence is a necessary step in creating a harmonious work place.

#39 – Frustrated, stressed? Press Pause, not Send! If it’s too late to retrieve your words, step back and reflect. You may learn something about you that will open the door to growth.

#40 – Keeping up with the turbulence of today’s business world, means staying buoyant rather than fighting the waves of change.

#41 – Supporting someone in their professional and/or personal growth may actually mean pulling back, without giving up

#42 – When you feel you’ve stalled and the way forward is uncertain, there are a few tough questions you can ask yourself to expose the root cause

#43 – It’s difficult to truly hear someone if you continue to speak. Give them the respect and attention they deserve; you may be surprised at what you too can learn.

#44 – If you remain in your comfort zone, you cannot grow. See your growing pains as the source of future growth.

#45 – Life changes require movement. One foot in front of the other, one page committed to paper, one promise kept. Let’s take a step forward; together.

#46 – One person can manage many things; but not everything. Before stretching yourself to the breaking point, examine your own needs and what really matters to you first.

#47 – If fear has your desired future held ransom, take a moment to calm your thoughts and focus on one next step.

#48 – When people seem worlds apart, patience and 4 simple tools can go a long way to bridging that gap, leading to common ground

#49 – Press pause to recharge your cognitive batteries.

#50 –When change is imminent, the choice in front of us is not easy, but surprisingly clear: Acceptance, or altering the course. It all starts by a gentle dose of self-reflection.

#51 – In times of change, our ability to stay present and thoughtfully engage others seems like a lost art. Patience, however, is still a valuable key to moving forward.

#52 – Experiencing a deja vu? Seeing a challenging situation with new eyes makes risk taking possible.

#53 – Being a leader means guiding others to discover the answers to their own questions.

#54 – What do you need to make lasting impactful team and systemic changes? Quality human exchanges of course.

#55 – Regardless of age/generation, all employees share a need to grow, be heard and respected.

#56 – Hitting a collective team nerve can be an important beginning to an effective forward movement.

Feedback Series (1 of 5)

Feedback is essential to growth. Everyone needs it, but few look forward to giving or receiving it. With the proper tools and techniques it can be a win-win process for all.

Feedback Series (2 of 5)

In this week’s tip I share two ways to prepare yourself to start a feedback conversation.

Feedback Series (3 of 5)

Look at the feedback discussion from the receiver’s perspective. A respectful process with respectful language.

Feedback Series (4 of 5)

Follow the 4s of Giving Feedback to achieve positive results.

Life After Feedback (5 of 5)

How can you stay sane and take back your power when you’ve just received negative feedback