The beginning of a New Year brings hope for a fresh start. It’s the time to step into your vision with fervor!

Indeed, the temptation is great to set either lofty, or numerous resolutions, or both! “I would love to speak a third language fluently by June”.  But is that in line with my true intentions?  It would look great on my resume, but does it really speak to me? In all honesty, at this point in time…no.

Are your goals in line with your genuine intention for 2017? Or are they the lingering aspirations of a former Self, aspirations that no longer fit the current you? Maybe they are based on the expectations of others?

Your genuine goals vs. the (self-) imposed goals: How to tell the difference

As a coach, I monitor my clients’ responses as they speak of what lights them up, versus what they dutifully focus on.

When the motivation is internal, a person’s body language is animated and energized. Their words flow without hesitation and they speak with confidence. Even the quietest person shines when speaking of a plan that comes from the heart.

I also pay attention to the clenched jaw.  Perhaps it’s the repeated clearing of the throat, or the tripping over words. The conviction isn’t quite there, no matter how correct the talk.

“Keep going, it will get better soon!”

Yes, the path gets clearer and easier if your goals get you going in the morning. Whether training for your first 10k race, or working toward the assignment of a lifetime, none of these are within easy reach.  Yet, when motivated from the inside out, I have no doubt you will cross that finish line.

If, on the other hand, the goal comes from comparing yourself to others, or following a path set years ago when you were not who you are today, you will need a herculean effort to stay on track.

Paying attention to your signals

Standing in your vision for 2017 means paying attention to your own signals. If you can, take mental note of your body language and your tone of voice when you speak of your future. Do you genuinely feel enthusiasm when you speak the words? Do you have butterflies of anticipation in your stomach?

Notice your thoughts, without judgment, and acknowledge the truth of where you stand in the moment.  Remember, the right path for you is probably not the same as your friend’s or your colleague’s…nor should it be.

I believe you are meant to live life with a bounce in your step. I look forward to supporting your journey towards the realization of your truest goals!

Are you excited about the course you are setting in 2017? I look forward to reading your comments.

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