A few nights ago, the temperature had dropped dramatically, and I was feeling blue despite sitting in front of a fireplace with a good book in hand. My mind kept looking for a problem to solve.  So I decided to take a drastic measure!

I started a list of everything I like about my life. My challenge: To fill an entire 8.5 X 11 page, without skipping a line.

After a few stops and starts, my list was now complete. I was feeling better already!  The next step was to look for patterns and similarities. Were there some items I could group together? What items were most important to me?

After grouping and ordering, I ended up with the short list of key elements I consider most important in my life; I call it my life satisfaction list.

High on the list was setting my own pace:  in my life, my work, and with my art. Next on the list came a spacious, light and inviting space to live in and do meaningful work.

Then there was the topic of conversations, where I’m inviting people to enhance relationships, awaken their potential, and affirm their boundaries with the tools of genuine conversations. My work brings me a deep sense of satisfaction.

Step 1: What are your key life satisfaction elements?

I like good old-fashioned lists because they enable you to get all ideas out of your head and onto a page, without attention to any particular order. I also do this exercise with my coaching clients, with some fun variations.

Some clients prefer mind maps where they put themselves at the center, then add spokes and meandering lines to things and people that matter most.

Other clients go on Pinterest and create a mood board where they identify what makes their heart sing with the images and sayings they discover. From there, they can strategize about what to do next to make their vision a reality.

Feel free to use your imagination as to how you can create a visual of your life satisfaction elements.

Step 2: Now that you have the information, what do you do with it?

Good question! The idea is to look at where you are now, and where you want to be in the areas most vital to you.  A gap between your present reality and your aspiration can be the call to action you need to make an important change.

Now here are questions to consider:

  • How satisfied are you now with each key area? – Be gentle and honest with yourself.
  • What do you envision for those areas? – Have fun being as specific as you can.
  • What possibility do you see to help close the gap? – It can simply start with one idea.

Many of us have bucket lists for what we want to do in the future. Why not create a life satisfaction list to discover or rediscover what you enjoy most about your life today, and from there, take steps in the direction of your dreams?

I look forward to reading your comments on what you’ve learned from your winter challenge.



6 thoughts on “Do you have a life satisfaction list? Your map for going from where you are now, to where you want to be.”

  1. Dominique, I loved your blog. I too prefer to write. I have lists, with dates on what I want to accomplish and by when. It is exciting to go back and realise some of the actions were accomplished even before the allotted time.

    I love the name you have given to the list. It has a lot more strength and allows for clearer reflection.
    Merci. Anne

    1. Dominique Dennery

      Anne. Thank you for your thoughts. I have had the same experience of writing and then going back after a few months and finding out that I had scratched more than a few items off my list. The mind and imagination work in wonderful ways to give you what you want. I wanted to call it a life satisfaction list because it tends to focus me on what I am grateful for right now. From that position of gratitude and resourcefulness, I can create more of what I want. Bucket lists are great to expand horizons too. During the in-between stage when you are not quite able to check an item off your bucket list, having this other list, can bring you peace and joy.
      Take care.

  2. Fantastic!!! I write a lot and I write to remember many of my expereinces. At times I have written out of anger or frustration and when I go back it is so easy to turn it all in a flowing bowl of beauty.

    I like the the mind map with medosa tentacles but ummm the Life Satisfaction list is a lovely meanering river as she shares her wisdome with passing visitors …

    It would be fun to have a evening of writing and shareing stories, it can be a ‘girls night out’ or ‘gathering of friends’. What an awesome idea :o)

    Love this blog, and very inspirational.

    1. Dominique Dennery

      Alexis, like you, I believe in the power of storytelling and find this power can be magnified in a circle. Looking forward to participating in whatever you organize. I’m sure it will be magical.

  3. Violene Gabriel

    Merci Dominique de cette belle leçon de la vie.Etre capable d’identifier ce dont on a besoin pourse sentir bien dans sa peau est un apprentissage et un art. Je crois que je vais essayer de l’appliquer car la visualization chemineme vers la conscientise.

    1. Dominique Dennery

      Merci de tes sages paroles Violène. Effectivement, mieux se connaître et vivre bien son présent est un apprentissage de toute une vie.

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