Recently, I had the pleasure of having my friend and passionate leader, Lisa Anna Palmer on my podcast. Lisa is the owner of Cattelan Palmer Consulting. She is a fellow coach, consultant, author, and speaker. Lisa works tirelessly with executives and human resource professionals to transform their workplace by boosting and encouraging leadership within each …

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This week, I welcomed Andrea Greenhous on my podcast. Andrea is the founder and president of Vision2Voice Communications, Ottawa’s only internal communications agency. Her passion for employee communications began over 20 years ago when she saw first-hand how communications could make a real difference in an organization’s success. On this podcast Andrea speaks to us about …

Create, Inspire, Empower – Podcast Series Episode 7: Andrea Read More »

I had the honour of having Shery as the first guest on the CIE podcasts. Shery rediscovered her passion for reading and writing during a very difficult period in her life. She was compelled to express her feelings through powerful words that speak to our shared human experience. Not only does Sherry write but she also performs her stories and poems for audiences. She is captivating, inspiring, and real.

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