Last month I had the chance to buy my dream house, and I didn’t take it. I’ve been working out why with my own coach (yes, coaches benefit from coaching!), and I’d like to share some of the insights arising from this work.  The word that keeps coming to my mind is “scotoma.” It’s the …

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I began to think about this a few weeks ago as I left a building where I’d spent the day with my mother in palliative care—the day before she died. I’d arrived in a hurry early that morning after one of my sisters called me in. My mother had had a hard night and we needed to make some decisions about dosage for morphine and other drugs, so my other sister and I had rushed to be with our family. I’d parked hastily in the dark, snow-covered visitors’ lot, and hadn’t given another thought to my car all day. Why would I? My mother was dying. 

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