It was a pleasure having Nathalie Martin on my podcast! Natalie is a world traveler, social entrepreneur and philanthropist. She joined us from her virtual office on the Florida coast to share her life’s journey, the obstacles she has overcome and her work with fellow social entrepreneurs who dare to dream big. What an inspiring woman with an even more inspiring message!


Listen to Episode 1, CLICK HERE.
Listen to Episode 2, CLICK HERE.
Listen to Episode 3, CLICK HERE.

2 thoughts on “Create, Inspire, Empower – Podcast Series Episode 4: Nathalie Martin”

  1. Once again, very inspiring. I like that fact that you didn’t hesitate to ask/talk about money – I like Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School podcasts because she also confronts the issue. I’ll be sure to check out “Femcity”.

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