They come in small numbers at first. Then they multiply and flash the words “Error Message” in your head at an increasing pace. I’m referring to the sure signs that you’re in the wrong job, the wrong field, or the wrong life direction.  Simply put, you’re going against your grain, taking a detour down the path of most resistance.

I was coaching a very observant, keen young man who had just changed jobs and was concerned about his ability to perform the new work. After all, he had made so many errors in his last job.  Not so much at first, but after he knew it well.  He was genuinely worried it would be more of the same.

We delved into what really met his needs and interests in his new environment. He immediately noticed that for him, the old job was a dead end. He was bored and restless. “I made errors in judgment, and just errors period!”  “Was it lack of interest that had obvious things slipping my mind?”, he asked.

In his new environment, however, he loved the people, enjoyed the challenge, and feared nothing.  What a relief! He’s now enthusiastically learning and working his way to mastery.

Let me ask you a few important questions:  

– Do you find yourself multiplying errors, taking an inordinate amount of time completing a task?

– Are you impatient, irritated, watching the clock?

– Are you counting the specks in the carpet around your desk?

If the answer is “Yes”, it may be time to leave…..

“But, but, but….” you’ll say: “I have financial obligations”; “I’ve  invested so much into getting where I am”; or “There’s nothing out there for my skill set!”

My response to you is straightforward. The more you ignore the error messages, the bigger the errors become, and in turn, the harder it will be to rebuild your self-esteem, your relationships, and perhaps your reputation.

By all means, be smart when preparing your exit. There’s no need to slam the door and lose what you’ve worked for. What many of my clients notice when they start taking steps in the new direction, is that the world actually conspires to fast-forward their progress. People appear and opportunities show up, leading to new, more favourable circumstances in alignment with their professional values.

I therefore invite you to:

Be courageous: Read the writing on the wall. Too many errors may mean it’s time to look for the Exit Stage Left sign. Letting go of what doesn’t work for you will eventually make room for what does.

Be honest with yourself:  If you’ve fallen out of love with what you do, don’t stay in the marriage until it becomes acrimonious.  If possible, it’s best to leave on a high note.

Be prepared:  If your desire is to leave, consider your current job as a bridge to your next adventure.  This is the perfect time to investigate your next move with calm confidence.

Finally, in this time of flux, don’t forget to seek the support you need.  A trusted listening ear can help you clarify your next move.

After all, your health, happiness and well-being are worth it!

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