This week, I welcomed Andrea Greenhous on my podcast. Andrea is the founder and president of Vision2Voice Communications, Ottawa’s only internal communications agency. Her passion for employee communications began over 20 years ago when she saw first-hand how communications could make a real difference in an organization’s success.

On this podcast Andrea speaks to us about her professional journey, but also opens up about how she overcame her own barriers to success by investing in her physical and mental health. She shares her secret to maintaining a healthy balance in her busy life as a mother of two teenagers, community activist and entrepreneur.

Definitely a source of inspiration!



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1 thought on “Create, Inspire, Empower – Podcast Series Episode 7: Andrea”

  1. Dear Andrea: Thanks so much for your most interesting and inspirational podcast. Seeing you spread your wings and grow into the successful lady you are today, makes me proud to know you and I wish you much success in your future endeavors.

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