I need to laugh! Will you share with me the pettiest, silliest things that are bothering you right now (with the understanding that if we can laugh and be annoyed by petty things right now, then we’re among the more fortunate at the moment)? Then share any hacks you’re using to keep your spirits up and deal with the peeves!

My Peeves

I hate not remembering where I’ve put my phone. And there’s no one living with me who can call the missing piece of sh…I mean, the essential electronic to find it!

I’m through with strained eyes and headaches from too much screen time! Yet it’s the only way to stay connected with all the Zoom addicts.

I’m exhausted with long meetings with folks pretending everything is business as usual and trying to get through the agenda, not acknowledging how many of the participants (usually all!) are struggling.

I’m thoroughly irritated with neighbours who no longer say hello, in case I can magically contaminate them from twenty feet away.

My Hacks

I’ve started only wearing clothing with pockets so I always have somewhere to stow my phone. And when I really can’t stomach changing out of my yoga pants, I just add a fashionable travel belt and voila! A stylish solution to losing my phone.

I’ve begun to gaze pensively out the window during my Zooms. I can still pay attention but with way less eye strain!

For the long business-as-usual meetings, I’ve started cracking very dark jokes and pointedly getting up to stretch, just to indicate, hey—things are not normal and I can’t focus on the agenda without acknowledging that!

And for my suddenly unfriendly neighbours, I’m employing the most cheerful hellos you can imagine, and I say them repeatedly until someone acknowledges my existence. After all, maybe they aren’t avoiding me; maybe they’re just preoccupied. I’m sure my delightful greetings are helping to cheer them up.

How about you? Any petty peeves and happy hacks to share? Help me giggle!

6 thoughts on “Petty Pandemic Peeves and Happy Home-bound Hacks”

  1. Different PJs for every day of the week would be helpful.
    My husband asking me what I have accomplished for the day.
    My dog being abit more productive then just sitting around looking pretty.
    I have nothing else to clean or organize and I am not starting over.

    1. Dominique Dennery

      Enjoying your examples! PEI humour on full display. I would have choice words for your lovely hubby… Do take care!

  2. Gabriella Dennery

    My pet peeve,
    Not finding stuff where there are supposed to be, especially after assigning things a specific spot, for that specific reason!!!

    My neighbors screaming 5 year old, who is perfectly capable of having a normal conversation (we’ve had a few), but insists on screaming at the top of her lungs and stomp around her abode just because. This is a nightly routine, which starts at about, let’s say 8 pm. I feel bad for the person in the apt below.

    My hack – it’s amazing when I play music at 8 pm, either I don’t hear her or she stops.

  3. How the day can just seem to disappear. I start with good intentions and they seem to evaporate. Then it is 3:15pm …. and why start anything now….! Time seems to drag out so long and then puff and it is gone.

    1. Dominique Dennery

      Hi Anne, I wanted to thank you very much for your comment. It stayed with me for days and I eventually wrote a blog about it on April 19th called Where Did The Time Go! I forgot to answer you then and there. I will blame it on Covid brain. I hope you are well.

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