In all honesty, the word ‘failure’ is a harsh one. Beyond its definition, it implies incompetence, defeat, collapse, negligence – just to list a few more harsh words. You have to ask yourself: ‘Failure’ from whose point of view? Mine or someone else’s?

You call it ‘failure’ when:

  • Things don’t go as planned
  • You don’t get the results you’re after
  • You’re criticized
  • You’ve hit a roadblock
  • You leave someone or someone leaves you
  • You get fired or demoted
  • You’ve lost your way

‘Failure’ by another name

A coach of mine tells me “Everything is perfect in life”. I believe it most days. After the chill of a bucket of cold water over the head however, these words just sound cute.   

Life is full of hard knocks and my coach understands that. This wise woman speaks of how experiencing difficulty, in contrast to the uncomplicated times, produces clarity like nothing else can. She asserts that it’s much easier to know what you want when you get what you don’t want!

So how is it possible to get back on course?

To turn the tide, she speaks of the need to focus on what’s going well in one’s life. She emphasizes the importance of consciously connecting and reconnecting with the biggest vision we hold for ourselves.  

So I followed her lead last week, and started focusing on what I envisioned for myself for this summer, and for the remainder of the year. I thought of what I was currently creating around me, what I wanted more, or less of.

I visualized the connections I wish to pursue and the opportunities waiting just around the corner. I started feeling happier, more anchored to my purpose of helping people connect to theirs.

Well the very next day brought fantastic news about an opportunity to make an important difference in the lives of women in Canada. The day after that brought more news for interesting work in the field of well-being. Later that day, one professional showed up to solve the glitches in my web site that were puzzling my team. Finally, I was gifted a VIP pass to see a musician whose work I love.

What a week! And it started with the just-in-time words of a loving elder. Changing how I viewed the difficulties in my life lifted me out from a grey place, into a land of unexpected gifts.

Life was good again… until the next “contrast”. Now I choose to remember that what I’m quick to label as ‘failure’ is really there to show me the path to my desired direction.

What is your best strategy for lifting your spirit? Leave them in the comments below.

I look forward to learning from you.

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