There’s no denying that genuine conversations are hard to have. But they just don’t get easier when you keep putting them off. In fact, they get harder and harder by the minute.

We all have conversations that should be happening in our life, but aren’t. Sometimes we realize it and sometimes we don’t.

Here are 12 signs that you’re more than ready to have that genuine conversation.

Let’s face it. You know it’s time to have that genuine conversation with a certain someone when you:

  1. Avoid them by not taking their calls, switching sidewalks or staying clear of their favorite coffee shop.
  2. Can’t look at them, and have nothing to say to them.
  3. Can’t stop talking about them with your best friend.
  4. Adamantly believe they’re to blame for all your woes.
  5. Think your life would be happier if they could disappear.
  6. Roll your eyes when they speak.
  7. Find something wrong with everything they say or do.
  8. See them in your nightmares.
  9. Want to give them a piece of your mind…next time.
  10. Have a derogatory pet name for them.
  11. Can imitate them to perfection.
  12. Become someone you don’t recognize when they come up in conversation.


12 Signs That You’re More Than Ready to Have That Genuine Conversation
from Dominique Dennery

If you’ve experienced any of the above with someone, then it’s definitely time for a genuine conversation.And let me say Bravo! You took that important first step for recognizing that it needs to happen. With future posts, you and I will explore the why and how of creating that all-important genuine conversation.


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