A month ago, I was speaking with a beautiful soul about her critical health challenges. My friend strongly believes in the body/mind/spirit connection and was discouraged about the serious impact of recent professional and personal setbacks on her health and well-being.

More than most, she is conscious of the power of her thoughts, but she couldn’t help spiraling down when the results from her medical tests started coming in. How could she possibly stay positive in spite of the evidence to the contrary?

As we spent some days in each other’s company and then time over the phone, she started to find her own answers. While pursuing all the medical avenues open to her, she made the following promises to herself:

  • Relinquishing control where she has no control – this with each breath she takes. How often do we put on the boxing gloves without even knowing why?
  • Eliminating the ”should have”, “have to”, “must” from her vocabulary – the inner critic no longer has a place in her life.
  • Not giving up just because she doesn’t see results – without hope there is no air to keep the fire burning.
  • Continue to dream and create; she has important work to finish.
  • Remembering how wonderful she is, and knowing that it’s enough.

I was with my friend this week when she passed away peacefully. Through the grieving, I am reminded of the beautiful lesson she left for me (and many others) to never give up on your dreams.

Today, I am more committed than ever in staying true to my vision, surrendering what no longer serves me, creating and contributing to the greater good, knowing that our legacy lives on in every person whose life we have touched.

4 thoughts on “When Real Strength is Knowing When To Let Go”

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you Dominique. It sounds like you had a beautiful friendship and have been left with so many wonderful memories. The strength demonstrated by both you and your friend in dealing with this passage of life is reflected in your writing. You are very blessed to have had this friendship and to be left with such a positive and uplifting dream for the future.

    1. Dominique Dennery

      Barbara, you have captured the experience and the legacy perfectly. Yours is a beautiful understanding of the passages of life. Thank you!

  2. Good Morning Dominique :o)

    First, I must say I have been reading your blogs for a few weeks now and they are insightful, beautiful and make me smile. I am often left thinking, “cool”. I have come to see how wonderful many of your connections are with others and from when I first met you, your energy is about bringing people together to help one another. Follow your energy and go where you are being called … no matter where you are you will connect with people and help them along their journey; in return they will support and help you in your journey. #LifeIsGood my friend. Blessings to you and your newest Spirit connection, she is still there for you.

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