Determined to compete for a position that no one thought she should even consider, she was going for it anyway.   Before making that jump though, a little soul searching was in order.

Admittedly, her opinion of her current boss and their work relationship was less than flattering. She wore her anger on her sleeve and it showed during our mock interview.

After a pause, I asked for her thoughts on the practice run. As a coach, I appreciate it when clients are honest about where they stand in the moment because it gives us a clearer view of where we are going.  She was straightforward about her frustrations with her current job. She also quickly realized that it would undoubtedly show during her interview, no matter her words, a sobering and courageous insight.

Yes, it’s true. We don’t have antennas on our heads to tell us what a person is thinking or feeling in the moment. We do form first impressions based on body language, tone of voice, general demeanor…

Remember that the interviewer, the colleague, the friend or the foe possesses the ability to size you up, just as you have. You can’t control what someone else thinks of you. You can however, choose how you present yourself, and I’m not talking about looks.

Resetting your energy field means getting clear about your motives and your message

For my client, competing for a coveted rank would mean resetting her energy field: What kind of message did she want to project? Her frustration with the past or her enthusiasm for the future?

What was her motive for seeking this job?  Was she just leaving a bad boss behind or seeking a new opportunity for growth?

Fortunately, she chose the latter. Her insights quickly translated into a new attitude for our next practice run.  She envisioned herself already there, active and thriving. She focused on her achievements and how they added value to her new environment.

Needless to say, she aced the actual interview and got the job offer.

I could have made this blog about interviewing skills, but it goes beyond that. I challenge you to honestly assess the energy you emit in your work environment and see if it needs to shift to match your aspirations.  A good coach can also help you flush this out.

I look forward to reading your comments below on how your energy impacts your career journey.



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