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My schedule is jam packed right now.

What happened to the slower pace of working from home?

Once the stunned first few weeks passed, things have picked up, but in a weird, time-warped way. Suddenly there is too much to do in too little time in the middle of a pandemic.

Alice in Wonderland would understand.

Strange fact #1: So much more work to do…and so much less paid work

I am getting requests for virtual coaching and presentations, which I’m enjoying doing. It’s like someone has turned the tap on again, which is a welcome development for this entrepreneur. But all these clients are on a budget. Great clients deserve to be supported even when they have less money, but I don’t want to lower the quality of my work in step with my compensation. Work for less, but work more, to make up for working for less? The math is puzzling and I’m figuring it out as I go.

Strange fact # 2: The landscape is changing constantly

In this fast-moving crisis, what was important two weeks ago isn’t important now, and what’s important now won’t be in two weeks.

A few weeks ago, the talk was about staying sane and surviving. It still is, somewhat, but there is growing emphasis on leadership during and through the crisis. More recently, folks are starting to focus on reentry into the workplace, back to school, back to life. Some can’t wait and some are anxious. Clients are looking for help.

Some developments include the strange ways in which this virus is evolving and what that means for human beings in workplaces.

These are all issues that workplace leaders are seeking help with, all things I need to quickly become informed on in real time in order to help clients with their decisions.

Strange fact #3: The products need to be tailored every time

Doing this work is like sewing individual wedding dresses for jittery brides! I have the basic material—all change involves the same basic elements and process—but folks want lace and pearls and special stitching every time. They want precise, COVID-related details that certainly weren’t part of my coaching or consulting training!

I understand the need, though; leaders are under tremendous pressure to get it right. They have to find the right words, the right presentation formula, the right sequence and next steps.

All of this work is fascinating and requires careful craftsmanship, but now I go to bed every night at ridiculous hours and wake up early and start stitching again.

Strange fact #4: Makeup, combed hair, sweatpants, and my listening face

I am in casual clothes but feel the need to put some makeup on and style my overgrown hair for all these Zoom calls.

Also, anyone could be looking at me at any time and I won’t know. That means I can’t seem bored at any point. Smile, nod, look engaged! I am engaged, but making sure my face reflects that is exhausting!

Strange fact #5: Changing the tires while speeding down a highway

I registered for some excellent courses to help me move different aspects of my business online. Exciting stuff. Important stuff. Timely stuff. And…my head hurts as I assimilate these vital new skills.

I put the skills in practice as I go. No time for dry runs and practice sessions. It’s like giving a Ted Talk with no rehearsal. The end of perfectionism! Very humbling.

Strange fact #6: Money

It’s tax time soon and financial worries are rearing their ugly heads. More subsidies and grants are announced every week. And the spreadsheets are more and more complicated.

When I fall asleep, I dream of grant applications and proposals. Money has become a bedside companion.

Very strange indeed.

Any strange new facts in your world?